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my name is Denyer Bech McCauley, i am a 24 year old bar tender from Australia, currently looking to live in Aarhus. i really dont like these profiles but basically what you should know about me is ...
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Searching for a 1-2 room apartment to rent for a 1 year. Stable financially, calm and tidy person. Cheers, Betty
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Min kæreste og mig vil flytte til 2-3 værelses huset/lejligheden i Århus N eller V. Max. 5500kr/md excl forbrug. Du kan skrive til os med dit telefonnummer, eller vi kan lave en aftale lige på email...
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Need 2 bedroom apartment in aarhus for 3 months from nov to january.Basically kitchen equipped with internet facility
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I am looking for a room in Aarhus starting with the 24th of August 2011. I am a 25 year old student and this is my first time in Denmark.
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2 professional American guys coming to Aarhus, DK in APRIL for business. We need a clean, safe place to stay during the month! If you have something - please contact immediately! Thank you.
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Apartment Require in rent in Aarhus for one year. Budget is 8000 DKK. One Bed room, One Washroom and One Kitchen is preferable.
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One bedroom apartment needed for rent from January to August. preferably furnished. near to city.
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We need a 3-4 bedrooms appartment. We are a group of student and we are going to be in Aarhus for at least one year.
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We are a couple studying in Aarhus and need an apartment really fast ! We can max pay per month 4000 DKK. At least a two-room apartment is prefered.
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